Thursday, September 4, 2014


                                 DAY 4 OF THE LESLIE SAETA 30 IN 30 CHALLENGE

I decided to paint a rose for the challenge today.  This rose is called "Dianna, Princess of Wales" and has always out-performed itself until this year. ( This is a photo from last year.)  Last winter we decided to have some drainage work done in the rose garden so all the roses were taken up a little earlier than the actual bare root time.  When we re-planted them all but one came back, but several of them are suffering and Dianna is one of them.  My only hope is that by next summer they will have fully made a comeback.  Fortunately I have quite a few pictures of the roses when they were all healthy.

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Size:  7 x 5
Price:  $85.00 + $5 to ship in U.S. and tax in CA

To order:  714-633-8483 or email

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