Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Red Amaryllis

This was an interesting size to work with. The image is on a museum-style canvas 1.5" thick so requires no frame (all of my design-oriented pieces are on this type of canvas). When I was shopping for canvases they were low on stock so I decided to try this. Fortunately the amaryllis was well suited to this format. I've found the biggest trick of all is taking the final picture. With such a tall canvas the image wants to paralax (meaning at least one side appears bent) in the photo. I finally found if I centered the image in the window of the camera and made sure I was focusing on the dead center of the image I could get it right--had to take quite a few photos!! At least that is entirely possible with a digital camera!

Original Oil
Size: 12" x 30"
Price: $720.00
email if interested-- quartonfineart@yahoo.com