Saturday, September 20, 2014


                                                    THE CHALLENGE FOR DAY 20

I called this one "Getting to Know You" because I truly felt like I was getting to know this pansy.  Every time I thought I understood where the petals were going in the photograph I would look more closely and find there was more to it than had met my eye!

I enjoyed yesterday's challenge so much so went back to the market to buy the flower I had painted.  It was almost dead!  All the plants were dry as a bone.  I took it into the market to the Manager and asked who was supposed to water the plants.  He said they had been watered but it was too hot.  I said "No, I was here yesterday and they were dry and they are drier today and are all dying"  (Can you tell I am a plant lover?  As if you hadn't figured that out already.)  Anyway, he said he would sell the half dead plant to me for half price and would water the plants.  Soooo, brought it home and gave it some water.  The flowers had to be cut off, but the leaves have already recovered.  So it lives to flower another day...

Thanks for reading my long drawn-out tale of saving (hopefully) some flowers!

SIZE:  6 X 6

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