Thursday, November 6, 2014


When I finished this my husband said he wished his Mother was still alive as these were among her treasures and memories from their years spent in the Far East in the military.  I really like painting silver or any bright shiny object because of the opportunity it gives one to show reflections.  One of the harder things to accomplish is getting the feel of the silk as in the hanging scarf and the scarf on the tabletop.  The cups and small plate are Rooster China which is hand-painted bone china.   I'm taking a workshop next week with Dreama Tolle Perry which may take me in a totally different direction than what I've been doing lately.  She uses a huge palette so getting used to that will be interesting too.  Lots of new things to learn as always!  Isn't that what keeps this art business fun???

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Original Oil on Belgian Linen
Size:  11 x 14
Price:  $925.00

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