Wednesday, September 3, 2014


                          SHOULD HAVE BEEN DAY TWO ON THE 30 IN 30 CHALLENGE

I entered this yesterday in the Leslie Saeta 30 painting in 30 days challenge, but I messed up somehow and up with the Google word in my box???  I'll try again today as it is impossible to get rid of a flub (at least I don't know how) on the challenge.  Soooo, since I've still done a painting each day and have another one to enter, it will have to post tomorrow.

These are callalilies from my yard.  They grow in various places and are not to be deterred.  I tried to get rid of them in one spot, but they came back anyway.  I do love them when they are blooming, but they can be quite "unbeautiful" when they are not as they are tall and rangy.

email me or phone if or 714-271-1135.

Original palette knife oil painting
Size:  7 x 5
Price:  $60, plus $5 mailing and tax in CA

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