Wednesday, September 3, 2014


                                DAY THREE OF THE LESLIE SAETA 30 IN 30 CHALLENGE

This is one of the purple irises that was very prolific in my iris garden.  I guess purple irises are among the strongest.  Seems they are traditional when one thinks of iris.  I painted iris in watercolor for many years and was kind of known at Art A Fair as the "iris lady" (along with Iris Adams).
I tried taking the  picture of this with my iPhone camera and it turned out very badly.  I kept working with the adjustments and it still looked awful.  So, I switched to my good old faithful Cannon and it came out perfectly the first time.  I seems my paintings don't translate well with the iPhone???  Don't know why but the color just comes out strangely.


Size:  7 x 5
Price:  $60 plus $5 to ship in the US and tax in CA

Call to purchase--714-271-1135 or

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