Monday, November 19, 2012


Another painting of my little copper fondue pot.  Painting copper is really fun and I'm hooked on it for the time being.  Also the little Satsuma tangerine was a lot of fun.  I just went back to the market and bought a few more.  I'll try to paint them before the leaves totally wither up and die.

Original Oil
Size: 8 x 8"
Price:  SOLD

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This is a little copper pot that I brought back from France many long years ago.  It is actually a fondue pot, but hasn't been used for that in quite a while.  I hadn't realized how challenging painting the handle of the pot would be.  (It is still a little off.) But, I loved the shadow it cast on the background.  That became the focal point.  The figs are from one of my fig trees.  I liked the combination thinking of possibly making fig jam.  Oh well, it was just a thought...

Original Oil
Size: 6 x 6"
Price:  $45.00 plus $5 shipping