Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I had posted this a few days ago, but decided I was unhappy with the pears being green. I haven't figured out a way just to delete a picture and then replace it (perhaps there is no way), so I had to delete the entire blog and enter it again. The mat is painted with an iridescent white which makes the painting have a different "sheen" from different angles of viewing.

Size: 20" x 30"
Gallery wrap museum canvas
Price: $1,295

Monday, September 13, 2010

Iris Blooms

These are some of the iris from my garden. I've painted so many iris thruout my career, but still love doing more. They are so prolific, but last such a short time. A painting of them is a good way to make them last a lot longer!!!

Size: 12 x 16
Price: $450.00
email quartonfineart@yahoo.com if interested

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Casa Romantica

This was where we painted yesterday. This is a cultural museum called the Casa Romantica and is located in San Clemente, CA. At one time it was a private home for some lucky people, but is now a museum. It overlooks the ocean and the San Clemente Pier. The grounds are beautiful and there are many places to paint. Unfortunately for us they were hosting a wedding in the afternoon so we had to leave sooner than we would have liked. Hopefully we will go back soon!!

Size: 11 x 14
Price: $325.00
Painted on Belgian Linen panel
email quartonfineart@yahoo.com if interested