Thursday, September 18, 2014


A red rose from my garden that I hope you all will enjoy.  The 30 paintings in 30 days really is a stretch, but I think I'll make it.  This is DAY 18 and I tried to do a painting that was a little easier than yesterday's effort.  Of course this took longer than I had planned, but not as long as yesterday's.

Working with reds can be tricky and I found everything was getting a little dull so I wiped off the more critical areas and went in with some brighter red which I think did the trick?  Having been a watercolorist for so many years, I feel like I'm "cheating" when I do this but then this is one of the advantages of oil--it's flexibility!

Happy Painting to those of you who are also doing Leslie's Challenge!  And thanks to all who took the time to view my blog...

SIZE: 6 X 6
PRICE:  $75 PLUS $5 TO SHIP IN U.S. or phone 714-271-1135

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