Monday, July 29, 2013


These are some palm trees in a neighbor's yard that I admire every time I go out to get in my car.
The photograph isn't very good because I had to take it in the afternoon right after I had finished it as it sold right away.  --Always a good thing.  I may contact the collector and try to get a better shot of it as I really liked it!

Original Oil
Size: 6 x 6


Monday, July 22, 2013


I've been challenging myself to get a painting done every day that I am at my show, Art A Fair in Laguna Beach, CA.  I teach on Tuesdays and take Monday and Wednesday off, so I give myself a break on those days.  Sometimes on my teaching day I complete a demo and then will have a painting to post here.  The above was my painting yesterday.  It is 6 x 6 and the subject is a little pot of daisies that I picked up at Trader Joe's on my way to the show.  I love my booth this year.  I am right up front where the entertainers are.  It can be more than noisy (loud music), but is great fun.  Most of the time I can manage to carry on a conversation over the music, but I know there will be times when that will be impossible.  Come visit me, I'm in Booth A-28.

Original Oil
Size: 6 x 6


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Original Oil
Size:  11 x 14

This is from China Cove at Point Lobos south of Monterey.  We were so fortunate when we visited to have a gorgeous day and this magical spot was the highlight.  Yes, the water really was that color!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


A view from the beach in So. Laguna near the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.  It was an idyllic day for painting on the beach and dipping my toes in the water when it got a little warm.

Original Oil
Size: 6 x 8

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Size: 6 x 6"

Two pears I selected to paint from our local Farmer's Market.  They are on a pale teal green plate.
The painting was blocked in with a brush and finished with a palette knife.  It has lots of texture to
match the juice "delectableness" of the pears.  They were good to eat, too, when the painting was
Available at Art-A-Fair in Laguna Beach, CA or email me at: