Sunday, May 27, 2012


Just a simple little Gerber Daisy in a cup, but I had such fondness for this little flower.  It was part of my Mother's Day Bouquet from my son and his wife.  For some reason this one flower just kept going and going.  It is now coming to the end of its run, but has outlived all the other flowers that were in the bouquet by at least a week!  Flower Power!!!


Original Oil
6" x 6"
$45.00 plus tax and $3 shipping

Monday, May 14, 2012


www.loriquarton.comA friend of mine owned an old Singer sewing machine which had belonged to her Grandmother and then her Mother.  She decided she didn't have room for it anymore and it was not in good condition so she was just going to put it out on the curb for the trash people or whomever came along.  I told her I'd try to sell it for her on ebay, but only got a couple of calls.  In the meantime I really wanted it, but didn't see a place for it to fit in our home.  However, when one of the interested parties came over they wanted to cut a hole in the top of it to make a different "working" sewing machine fit.  I couldn't stand the idea so virtually talked them out of it and decided to keep it and refinish it myself.  It was a huge job, but came out beautifully--maybe I should go into that business?  We found a perfect spot for it in the corner of our bedroom so I enjoy it every day.  Now all the other pieces of furniture in our home that could stand refinishing are "staring" at me.  Uh oh!!!  Not right away!