Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alta (Lido)

I know, this was already on my blog, but I inadvertently deleted it when trying to upload the new (hopefully improved) version of it. I added more color to the man's shirt and felt that added a lot to the picture. Previously it was gray and rather dull. Anyway, this is a restaurant in Lido in Newport Beach that has wonderful food and great coffee. It is very popular!! I saw this scene from down the block at Cannery Paints where I occasionally take a class from Dana Cooper. During the day we get to go eat at Alta's.

Original Oil: 11 x 14
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  1. I liked this painting before but I do like the change in the shirt, well done Lori.
    Congrats on getting into the Higbee show, have fun...I like the painting of Jack too!