Friday, February 21, 2014


This is another attempt at painting my recently re-discovered copper teapot.  I wish my Mom who gave it to me was here to see my paintings of the teapot.  The year she gave the teapot to me I had unknowingly just purchased another copper teapot right before Christmas.  It wasn't as nice as hers, but it did kind of take away from her surprise.  She should know her teapot has long outlived the other one and has become lots of fun to paint.  The flowers are from Trader Joe's and the cream pitcher was from Avon long ago.

Original Oil
Size:  12 x 12 on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Price:  $185.00 + shipping


1 comment :

  1. Dear Lori,

    Floral Tea Pot took my breath away upon first viewing! I love the colors!
    This painting could brighten anyone's day!! I think it is exquisite!! I just want to sit and look at it for hours because I resonate so much with everything I see!!